Welcome! I'm Karen Macaraya, a native of Philadelphia and all around lover of food! Having a Filipino mother really exposed me to a lot of exotic foods. Growing up I ate many kinds of foods. Sandwiches and hotdogs would excite most kids. I wasn't most kids. I loved squid, fish, rice, egg rolls and a host of other things. It helped mold me into the adventurous foodie that I am today. I love trying things that are unique, exotic and just outside of the traditional American pallete. Its always played a huge part of my happiness. Food is comforting, food is interesting and food has been elevated into a form of art. I love learning about different cultures and the role that food plays in them. It often times spans generations of tradition that are passed down from each generation. That's just so cool to me! It connects people from all walks of life. I want you to experience food through my eyes! I hope what I show you will bring you back for seconds!